Sports in Campiglia

Thanks to its unique geographic position and morphological characteristics of the territory, the Val di Cornia is in fact an ideal destination for anyone who loves sport, being outside and in contact with nature. From the hills to the east heading inland that are ideal for hiking and Nordic walking, to say nothing of cycling and horseback riding, to the Etruscan Coast which is tailor made for sailing and all aquatic sports.

Thanks to its unique position on the coast and the mild weather conditions, the Val di Cornia offers an extended season for outdoor sports, from February to December the temperatures are quite temperate. For anyone who loves sports or would like to try a different discipline or test their capacities, The Outdoor Sports Festival that generally takes place the weekend of 1-2-and 2 of June at the Gulf of Baratti is an appointment you’ll want to keep. This three day sports festival is sponsored by the Region of Tuscany, the Comune of Piombino and the Parks of the Val di Cornia.


Among the sports and competitions of the festival there are the tournaments of beach volley ball, beach tennis, foot races on the beach, a “Storm the Castle” trail running race up to the castle in Populonia which goes through the Archaeological Park that ties together both sport and archaeology. There are also activities open to the spectators that include hiking and swimming. For those who have always wanted to try parachuting there is the opportunity to make a dive in tandem from the skies above Baratti solidly anchored to an instructor of sky diving that will take care of all the technical/security aspects. For lovers of cycle tourism there are expert guides on hand to take you on rides around the trails and dirt roads of Baratti. Calidario Terme Etrusche proposes on the other hand, a day of sports and relaxation, a hike in collaboration with Etruscan Coast Guide Centre.

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