Art and Culture in Campiglia Marittima

Artists and writers have rendered the village of Campiglia even more fascinating through the years and for this reason the town’s Department of Culture and Tourism has proposed and new way of visiting the territory. A map wholly dedicated to discovering Campiglia through the writers and painters that have, with their presence and their works, contributed over the decades to enriching not only the village but the social fabric as well.

The roll call of these artists goes from Isidoro Falchi, who lived for years in Campiglia, to Bruna Coscini, famous for her passionate poetry, Carlo Guarnieri, painter and engraver who was the favourite of Adolfo De Carolis, to Alain Bonnefoit, who refined his impressionist style right in Campiglia and finally the poet and writer Renato Fucini. Posted on the houses and the streets where these artists lived there are painted medallions that remember these illustrious past inhabitants of the village. These medallions were made and painted by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Florence as part of the project entitled “CampigliAccademia” Several artists still live here year ‘round having chosen Campiglia as their home and creative nest; Fulvio Ticciati, sculptor and Fred Charap, painter and writer.

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