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The Val di Cornia is an extraordinary territory to discover for its environmental, cultural and historical patrimony; the Mediterranean Sea, the thermal spas and the agricultural production of the highest calibre make this corner of “La Maremma” a fantastic tourist destination. Once you’ve been here and tasted the local cuisine and its typical dishes, to say nothing of the local wines, you too will become an ambassador of the Val di Cornia.

Ours is a cuisine that communicates the abundance with which the land blesses us. Besides the wine and olive oil, amongst the great resources of the Val di Cornia, there are numerous types of vegetables and fruit for which this area is known nationally, above all the famous artichoke “il morino”, the cantaloupe melon, spinach and the tomatoes that make some of Italy’s best sauces. Many of these very products are cultivated using organic farming methods, a discipline that is on the rise nationally.



Campiglia Marittima has its own indigenous product, the so called “schiaccia Campigliese”, that could be described as a sort of large biscuit type pastry that officially dates back to the 19th century but in reality probably much earlier. As of 2002 there is an Advisory Council for the tutelage of the Schiaccia Campigliese comprised of the Town Council of Campiglia, the Pro Loco (promotional committee) and the Consortium Radici. This schiaccia is the most characteristic product of the historical centre of Campiglia and as it has its own trademark, can only be produced and sold by authorized bakeries using a precise recipe that respects the traditional one. The bakers and the pastry shop of Campiglia are all authorized producers and sellers of the schiaccia. The Advisory Council commissioned a local historian, Gianfranco Benedettini, to conduct an historical research into the origins and the traditions of the schiaccia Campigliese that was executed, delivered and presented together with an official recipe elaborated by the chef Giorgio Nocciolini. The research was based not only on oral sources but also on written archives that demonstrate that the recipe and baking of the schiaccia was handed down from generation to generation following the original recipe.



These two local products deserve a separate paragraph. The Extra Virgin olive oil of the Val di Cornia is a robust oil characterized by an intense bouquet, fresh and lightly fruited and with a flavour that ranges from slightly peppery to a pronounced green olive bitterness, characteristics that a high quality extra virgin olive oil optimally has. The local points of pride however are our wines, a happy intermingling of traditional grape varietals together with different ones. As you drive around the area you will notice the abundance of immaculate vineyards and the wine makers that tend them, many will be happy to welcome you in for a tasting and tour of the cantina

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