Goddess of Love &  The Afterlife


A mythological Etruscan Deity is discreetly represented in the paintings of Stefania, “Darkness” and “Libertà” which adorn the walls of this suite.

Goddess of Immortality


Decorated in white, the furnishings underline the ample amount of light, with the matrimonial bed in the centre.

Goddess of the Woods and The Foragers


The embrace that one intuits in this quiet and romantic suite is delicious. A white canopy wraps the matrimonial bed, which looks out on the street below. Here one breathes silence and discretion.

Goddess of Fortune and Destiny


Single room with the possibility of having a second bed, along with the comfort and convenience of a small sitting room and a kitchenette.

God of The Forest


This Etruscan God is symbolically represented in the colour red of the suite’s furnishings.

Goddes of the Earth


The particularity of this “sottotetto” or attic style suite of exclusive merit takes its form in a mansard room with white wooden beams and ecru coloured furnishings.

Goddess of Love and Vitality


No other suite could have had Her name. Turan creates a vivacious palette with the warm colours that grace the walls.